H2O: Water Therapy from the Inside Out

Ahhh-swimming; that oh-so-wonderful feeling of being able to cool off on a hot day! Gliding through the water, that is 800 times denser compared to air, de-weighting us to the point where we can, somewhat, believe it brings out the child in us. And why shouldn’t it!? For most of us, we couldn’t wait to run and jump in and splash, and free-stroke.

Yes! Free-stroke equaled Free-dom!

Confidently we become buoyant, meeting a greater resistance by moving our arms and legs through the water (vs. air); hence we feel the restorative powers- like a superhero! And, when we are finished with our swim, whether it was for an hour, or several, we get exercise; pain-Free at that…might even have a little appetite too from so much exertion! Not-to-mention looking a little more toned and sculpted.

With our busy lifestyles, and as we age, we are gonna have aches and pains-and maybe a little joint cracking here and there.  You may even be experiencing a little (or a lot) of arthritis now. What to do? Ah-yes, go swimming! Because to be pain-free means you have to move consistently, and frequent movement is a hard sell to those of you in pain! Whether you have musculoskeletal disorders, chronic back pain, need lumbar stabilization (pregnancy), have foot, ankle, knee, or shoulder pain, or any kind of arthritis–results from swimming and aquatic therapy are immediate!

So, rekindle your memory of youth and rebuild your confidence of daily living; pain-Free. Go get in a pool and MOVE; swimming (aquatic therapy)-it’s a high-intensity exercise…….Free yourself today!