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"I had shoulder surgery in October, 2020. I was concerned about a long and painful recovery. The people at Carousel Physical Therapy are well trained, informative, caring, and at the top of their game. When I was down or discouraged, they were positive and uplifting. They were great through my whole process. I would recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy. "
Mar 03, 2021
"I came in not able to walk on my right foot. After twelve visits and thanks to the care and compassion of Sarah and Elizabeth, I am almost as good as new. Thank you all."
Feb 17, 2021
"I just completed 11 sessions of PT with Jenifer at the Hartfield office. I had thumb surgery on my right thumb. The Carousel facility is first rate - very professional and the kind of place that instills confidence in the care you are getting. The therapist was highly trained in the recovery process for my situation - after the operation I had little to no use of my right hand. After the PT I now have just about full use, with only some minor strengthening left to work on my own. Thank you Jenifer for a job well done! I had PT at the Kilmarnock facility in the past - same report - excellent care and highly recommended."
Oct 21, 2020
"My therapist was knowledeable and provided me with excellent care beyond my expectations. I was given consistent appointments over the course of several weeks. She motivated me to be consistent and made my therapy goals reachable. "
Oct 13, 2020
"This is by far the best place for PT. The staff is amazing. From the moment Brandy greets you, Shona gets you started and Kara, John, Kennon, Crystal, or Jennifer take over- you never have to wonder about their abilities or professionalism! They pushed me to reach new limits and I experienced so much success! I walking better, no pain, and confident in my knees! Carousel is the best ! If you have a need for PT- do not hesitate to choose them!"
Jun 26, 2020
"For over forty years I have dealt with people in private homes, hospitals and nursing homes etc. who have had physical therapy. Not all, but a number of the people had less than pleasant experiences with their physical therapy in other areas of the Commonwealth. My experience at Carousel was better than I could have possibly ordered. Everyone, from those at the front desk to the clinical staff , was professional and most helpful. There were times that I would not have pushed myself to accomplish established goals if left on my own, but with the guidance and personal help from the staff, I was able to do what was needed to accomplish these goals following surgery. The plan for physical therapy at Carousel was designed for my needs and goals and was certainly not a "cookie cutter" approach. I would be most pleased to recommend Carousel to anyone in need of their services. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who made this a productive and pleasant experience. "
May 22, 2020
"Excellent service very friendly people it helped me immensely clean always smile always a kind word everybody helped me I’m back on my feet no pain so happy recommend it to anybody and everybody thank you so much"
Apr 17, 2020
"Thank you to all staff at Carousel Physical Therapy. This was my first experience with physical therapy after a full knee replacement and I will testify that the personnel at Carousel were very professional, yet caring, polite and personal. I received one-on-one assistance during my sessions, and assisted with some back pain as well. I have been extremely satisfied with the progress I have achieved. My knee is almost back to normal. I would be very comfortable in recommending this facility to anyone, knowing that they would be receiving the best of care."


"I had double knee replacement surgery March 12, and today, only 3-1/2 months later, I am fully functional and feel as if my knees are back where they were before osteoarthritis began to take it's toll. I attribute this remarkably short and full recovery to Kara, Vicki, and Crystal, who worked with me at the Hartfield office beginning in my second week post-surgery. These awesome therapists held me to a high standard, allowing and encouraging me to give each session my absolute best effort. They were my greatest cheerleaders and hard, but fair, taskmasters when they needed to be to ensure that I would have a full recovery. They are consummate professionals who have a wealth of tricks up their sleeves to handle any roadblock that arose during my recovery. I have had several injuries over the years that have sent me to a physical therapist's office, and nobody can hold a candle to this outstanding team of therapists."


"My foot slipped on black ice and I fell on my back. Excruciating pain-finally able to go to therapy. In five treatments, I was free of pain."


"I used Carousel Physical Therapy for my rotator cuff surgery and after completing I started back therapy w/great success due to the therapist's John and Katherine; they were both great. I had long-term pain with back problems over several years and would have never believed that I could have gotten relief without surgery, but with their care I made a big change in being able to walk without the pain I had endured for the years. I was given exercise when I completed my therapy that will be a great benefit to my continued success. Thanks for your great therapists and office staff as well."


"Carousel's service is professional, friendly, courteous and effective."


"When I arrived at Carousel I suffered from headaches, neck pain, and pain radiating across the top of my shoulders. My physical therapist listened to me and assured me that I could be helped. With each new exercise she provided me with a sheet of instructions and different rubber bands (exercise bands) to fit the exercise so that I might do them at home. I finished up last week with no headaches, or neck pain except when I drive. She told me to tuck my chin & head down. Guess what it worked. When I left she made sure I had new bands and all instructions I needed to keep up the exercises. Thanks to her I'm pain free."


"I had allowed my hip and lower back pain to progress and get worse over the course of 1-1/2 - 2 yrs.; it had become unbearable at this point. I was given a choice between painful steroid injections and going to therapy. I am so glad I chose therapy. After a few weeks, I am totally pain free! I had almost forgotten what it was like to not have pain. Now, I focus on other things in my life. I only wish I had done this sooner. My Therapist was concerned about me, and confident that she could help me. She stayed totally focused on me during our sessions, so I didn't feel like I was going at it alone. The electrical-stimulation (E-stim) was wonderful...a treatment just like a massage."


"When referred to PT, I told myself that I would do it, but I knew it won't help. After a few sessions, I began to realize that my pain was less and I was sleeping better. By the time I had completed the therapy, I was having such a low degree of pain that I dismissed any thought of further back surgery unless the condition with my back gets a lot worse. My experience with Carousel Physical Therapy has been very rewarding and very successful. Thanks to the outstanding staff."


"From the minute I entered the building and had my first evaluation, I felt I was special and that I would be helped. Every therapist who worked with me made me feel that I would return to my pre-injury state. There were tears and pain, but joy at my progress. The atmosphere is very healing. Although there is a very happy sense in the air, everyone still maintains a professional demeanor. There is a lot of compassion and caring for all the Patients. It was always a joy to walk into the therapy room. Thank you all. I am not 100%, but still working on that."


"With age comes aches and pains! To avoid surgery, therapy is an option. Your staff was extremely helpful in guiding me through the exercises-the initial leg pain is gone-and with continued home therapy (home exercise program), I'll continue to follow exercises. Kudos to your staff - a very caring and professional group!"

H. McG.

"This was the second time through your facilities. It was a pleasure each time. You have a great staff. They all seem to enjoy your work. Because of you guys, I am three months ahead of schedule. Keep up the great work!"


"I am completely happy with the way you all have treated me. I actually looked forward to my visits to Carousel Physical Therapy and was always eager to see the latest improvement in my condition. All that remains is for me to keep at it with the goal that one day I may be able to ride my bicycle again."


"My reason I visited Carousel Physical Therapy was for knee and joint pain. My therapist explained my treatment with an exercise program (for carousel and at home). It didn't take very long for my pain to go away after doing the exercises. She also explained how I need to build up strength in my hips to relieve pressure on my knees-and, what to do and not do at the YMCA and prevent injury to my knees."


"I was very, very pleased with the success I had in getting my arm usage back to normal. My therapist worked me hard in getting strength back. I worked hard at Carousel and was diligent doing my exercises that (I) was sent home with. I thank Carousel Physical Therapy for their excellent staff for therapy and the friendly front staff; I feel like I had a truly beneficial experience."


"Being a member of the medical community isn’t just a job-it’s a way of life. You deal with folks that are in pain, depressed and, at times uncooperative. It takes a very special person to continue to be upbeat and positive under these circumstances, and I have found this office to be just that~caring and concerned about those under their care. I wish to thank you, in my own small way, for trying to keep me positive and focused on my recovery. Thank you."


"The Carousel Physical Therapy is great, helping with anything that’s possible - you can’t ask for any other place to get physical therapy than the Carousel. Great job. Great people."


"I am new to the world of physical therapy. When I was first referred, I thought that my back would hurt forever and that physical therapy was probably a waste of time. I was very wrong in my thinking. My therapist was able to pin point my problem immediately. She addressed my problem thoroughly and began corrective measures. My back has not felt this good in a very long time. I highly recommend others to give physical therapy a chance before giving up and accepting pain and discomfort as a way of life no matter what your age or situation."


"After almost a year of pain on a broken/sprained ankle, I am pain free – and in less than a month of therapy. YIPEE!!"


"I recently had a procedure to remove melanoma. I also had lymphectomies under each arm; this resulted in lymphedema of the left arm. After this surgery, I could not lift my arm above shoulder height. Through therapy at Carousel, I regained full motion of my left arm. However, the swelling continued. I asked my M.D. about the possibility of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). Calling Carousel, I found out that Vicki had 10-years experience with MLD (more experience than the therapist at the Cancer Center in Richmond). Vicki, carefully, taught me how to do MLD. I have since seen much less swelling, eliminating the need to wear a compression glove and sleeve; this is a big improvement in quality of life. Thanks Vicki and Carousel."


"On my first day at Carousel PT, my therapist asked my what my goals were for my PT sessions. It made me think about what I wanted out of the program. I set three goals that were measurable. Thanks to the program Carousel planned for me, I was able to achieve all three goals. P.S., I drove 38 miles to attend this center, passing other (closer) facilities, because of the strong recommendation of my physician."


"When I came to Carousel, I was a total wreck. The exercises and hands on treatment gave me motion back. I am totally pain free - I can even do Wii bowling now with my grandson!"


"I was faced with 3 choices: surgery, shots in the spine, or PT (which, of course, I chose!!) The difference in 1-month was remarkable!! I can't thank your staff enough!"


"From the minute I entered the building and had my first evaluation, I felt I was special and that I would be helped. Every therapist who worked with me, made me feel that I would return to pre-injury state. There were tears and pain, but joy at my progress. The atmosphere is very healing. Although there is a very happy sense in the air, everyone still maintains a professional demeanor. There is a lot of compassion and caring for all the patients. It was always a joy to walk into the therapy room. Thank you all. I am not 100%, but still working on that."


"At Carousel, you have become my 'family,' each time I come with pain, and leave with great improvement, & a smile! Thank you!"