Pelvic Physical Therapy / Women’s Health


Women’s Health covers a variety of dysfunctions or problems throughout the lifespan. The most common problem is Incontinence. Weather this be you have leakage with laughing or coughing or you get a strong urge to go. Therapy can help decrease leakage and frequency of going to the bathroom. In the past, everyone thought that Kegel exercises were the cure for urinary incontinence and when leaking continue to occur, frustration would build and a no hope attitude formed. Now, physical therapy teaches patients beyond Kegels. As important as these exercises are it is more important on how and when to use the exercises to have maximum benefit for success not only with urinary incontinence but for pelvic pain as well.

Certain women’s health physical therapists are trained in teaching patients beyond Kegels to regain their life. Urinary incontinence is more prevalent in women especially after the age of 44 but doesn’t mean teenagers, kids, or young adults are exempt from having poor muscle function. On average it takes 3-4 years for a women to seek help for their urinary incontinence but with proper questioning and knowledge of how therapy can help these patient’s would decrease this statistic and regain peoples quality of life. It has also been shown that 35% of patient’s with UI are more likely to have a fall and 45% are more likely to have a fracture.


Pelvic pain can affect many women and can be treatment with physical therapy. Pelvic pain is quite often overlooked, 61% of women never have a diagnosis. 1 in 7 American women ages 18-50 experience some sort of pelvic pain and physical therapy can help. Katie Reynolds, DPT has specialized training in internal and external examinations of the pelvic floor muscles to determine tone of the muscles, strength of the muscles, and malalignment of the pelvic girdle.

With the help of biofeedback, modalities, and manual therapy these women have an average of 4-8 visits. Usually after therapy these women are able to sit without feeling pain, have intercourse, and control their bowel and bladder functions.

Pregnancy & Post Partum
Many women have difficulty with pain or other problems with pregnancy & postpartum. Katie Reynolds, DPT at Carousel Physical Therapy is specially trained to work with this patient demographic to achieve maximum benefit from therapy while maintaining a safe environment for mom and baby.

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