Carousel Physical Therapy was founded in 1994 by Nancy Byrne, PT who believed in a holistic approach to physical therapy treatment. Those principals remain true today as current owner, Vicki VerMeer, MSPT, an Osteopathic trained PT, continues the commitment of Care that Revolves Around You! Carousel Physical Therapy prides itself on individualized treatment sessions for patients with optimum return to function for each person being the ultimate goal!

"In April 2013, I had severe back pain and was unable to sleep in bed for more than an hour or two. My PCP performed x-rays, and we discovered that I had a broke screw from a surgery 18-years ago and after further imaging showed nothing further, I was sent to Carousel for 2-months of PT. I had poor balance, could not get out of a chair (without having to pull or push myself up form the chair), and was in poor shape in general. Today, after a lot of hard work and sweat, I am sleeping in bed for up to 8-hours a night. It is sooooo! good to be out of the recliner (except for naps). My balance is greatly improved; I can get out of the chair myself now. I now only have minimal back pain, and seem to be improving on a daily basis...and am in much better shape. I cannot thank Vicki and her fantastic staff (office and therapists) enough for their help and support over the last two months. I have also started a workout program with Carousel's personal trainer three times a week. Thanks so much."

- R.S.