Eliminate Stress by Staying in the Know, NOT the Don’t Know!

Without trying to adhere to the phrase coined the ‘new normal,’ unfortunately, it is just that and we have to adapt to it—for now anyway. Therefore, our stress levels are like a roller coaster ride right now; it can be physical, emotional, or financial…one at a time – or unfortunately all at once. Even for us!

Depending on who you ask, stress is defined differently. When you are charged with handling more than you anticipate, stress rules! To some, stress is simply a fact of life while others struggle to anticipate or identify stress, inhibiting their ability to react productively. Understanding what stresses you is key to being able to identify and manage your response.

Either way, people are still getting back and neck pain, overuse injuries and hurt while at work, or are deconditioned from being under active during isolation and/or quarantine. At Carousel, we are consistently having round table discussions about how we can keep you in the know on how – now more than ever – physical therapy should be an important part of your healthcare team. Matter-of-fact physical therapy came in at #3 in the 5 kinds of health appointments you should consider keeping despite the pandemic July 2020 Washington Post article that we shared on social media. Physical therapist and spokesman for the American Physical Therapy Association, Robert Gillanders was quoted in saying “when you treat injuries in the early stages, the outcomes are always better.”

Naturally, we will expand on injuries to include other treatments such as:

Gait & Balance*
Pre- & Post-Surgical*
Stroke/Cardiac Rehabilitation
…and many other conditions and specialty conditions as outlined on our website.

(*) indicates home safety checks for fall risks and post-op home navigation staging can be requested with your treatment.

We Adapt to Keep Our Clinics Safe; We Are Trained to Handle It!

Many of you who would benefit from seeing our physical therapists are reluctant because of concerns over COVID-19 that our clinics are busy places with people coming and going. That’s understandable, but we have made changes to allow us to continue to serve you while keeping you and our staff safe.

Physical therapists are medical professionals who were trained to deal with infectious diseases and keep people safe long before COVID-19 existed. By making changes throughout our workflows and patient experiences, Carousel Physical Therapy continues to reduce the risk of spreading COVID among their staff and patient populations, while continuing to deliver needed services to the public. If you are in need of PT treatment but are hesitant to go into the clinic, give our clinics a call and talk about what policies and procedures we have in place. To reduce or eliminate going into the clinic, ask about using telehealth either exclusively or in combination with in-person treatment.

This is a time of uncertainty, but people are reacting with flexibility and creativity. Don’t let concerns over COVID keep you in pain or from the treatment you need. So Remember to….

Stay in the Know, NOT the don’t know!