Carousel PT: A Well-Oiled Machine

Historically, the physical therapy profession began as an adjunct to medical practice. Considered a specialty, physical therapists use mechanical force and movements to remediate impairments and promote mobility, function, and quality of life by providing their expertise of rehabilitation within healthcare dimensions of promotion, prevention, and intervention to people, communities, and populations. This conservative, holistic (patient centered) approach comprises of an active engagement model of 3–steps:

1. to listen actively;
2. to think reflexively;
3. to reason critically.

In addition to clinical practice, other dimensions encompassed in the physical therapy profession include research, education, consultation, and administration:

We bridge the gap: On one side of the bridge, we draw from the connections we make from your story to frame and recognize what seems important to you. On the other side (the clinical side), we draw from your referring doctors. Thus we will have a clear sense of both sides which allows us to engage with the appropriate types of moral reasonings, particularly since you and your doctor may hold different definitions of end goals during rehabilitation.

We take care of business: Your choice to come to Carousel is like a new job each time; we first have to be hired, receive a performance review, and be promoted accordingly—so, in essence, it is our #1 job to inspire you through treatment goals. Our performance review is based on your treatment progress, and our promotion is when you graduate from therapy!

We need to hear from you: Your success story is Carousel’s peer review. Each success story sent back to Carousel is a report card for US! They keep us humble but also help us to make the changes when and where needed. And, it also lets us know that our product/service is working….. because, what we don’t know CAN hurt us!

So keeping Carousel running like a well-oiled machine is essential for improving your quality of life from every single aspect: initial contact for treatment to a successful discharge!