Word-of-mouth: Still #1 referral source in a high-tech world!

In a very high-tech world, just when we think online reviews and social media are the reason our new patients chose Carousel, the survey that they complete at their time of discharge tells us a different story.

This shows how human we still are….sounds weird, right? But, when it comes to your body, shopping for a physical therapy clinic is not necessarily the same way we shop for 300-count percale sheets-reading online reviews to help us determine whether we want to purchase them or not. Well, ok…there might be some similarities, but the general consensus about the one-on-one treatment and bedside manner one hears a previous patient explain about their first impression and overall experience (all the while watching them physically point to their (previous) injury area) indicates word-of-mouth is still our #1 referral source! It creates a trust above all others.

Thus, it is proven that striking up good ole conversation to get a referral can still be better than what any words on a computer screen read.  I mean think about it…computers only show the words and tone of a review. But, the words don’t always answer questions, or debunk any myths or rumors/negativity about physical therapy.  You can’t see facial expressions, or look into the eyes of the person who had the full physical therapy experience by reading an online review. Nor, can you feel the connection, such as comparing the same injury area with the person you are talking to-based on a written review!

Trust us we love the online reviews, but the fact still remains that old-school referral tactics where physical therapy are concerned are still it. Because even if you read a review, you still might stew about choosing us, until, coincidentally, you are talking about potentially having therapy with a friend and you put 2&2 together; the conversation you had and them referring you to us, and the review you read about us online! See?

Having said that (or you reading this) we are finding that with our second clinic opening in Hartfield, the amount of advertising we have done still doesn’t compare to the word-of-mouth referrals we are getting (for example, our Hartfield office went from being open 3-days a week to 5-days a week; 3 months ahead of schedule!)

So, if you or anyone is in the need of physical therapy. We know of a really great outpatient clinic that is ready to help you achieve your goals……Spread-the-Word!