First time for Physical Therapy? What would your Ideal (clinic) Scene be?

So, you were just handed a prescription for physical therapy by your doctor – who has just asked you if you have ever tried PT before, and, while asking, the first thing that crosses your mind is pain and torture.  And, since you can’t get that idea out of your head, you confess to your doc, “I’m not sure about this whole physical therapy thing.” But, your doc says to you, “What if you were to create an ideal scene of where you would like to go to therapy in your mind, what would it be like?” “Ok,” you say, “I’ll try it!”

So you start telling your people that you have been prescribed physical therapy. So, you ask them if they ever had physical therapy?  Did they like it? And, Where did they go? As you’re listening to their answers, you keep an open mind… Why? Because you have already created your ideal scene of what physical therapy should be like in your head, and you just want confirmation of what you do and don’t want.

So, here is your thought. First, it’s that whole pain and torture thing, you tried to get past it but you just couldn’t, so you found a really cool blog online that debunked that whole physical therapy = pain and torture myth. Shew, now you feel better! Ok, moving forward, you want an outpatient clinic (because your people said outpatient is better than a hospital setting). You want it to be well managed, organized, clean, as well as a friendly and productive clinic (because we all know that no one wants to waste quality time out of their day).  Even better, you want high-quality, pleasant and effective treatment. Wow! You are on to something…so let’s keep going. Just like your physician that you have been going to 4-EVER, you want your therapist to Listen, Ask (questions), Acknowledge (what means the most to you), Review (your doctor’s findings and how it relates to your problem), and lastly you want Change (as needed) just in case you get stuck in a rut!

Sweet! You have just created the most idyllic clinic in your mind. Oh, wait! You remembered…making that dreadful first call to the clinic!  No, no, no, not.want.a teleprompt menu with that (indefinite-hold) elevator music! Yes, you want your call handled quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly with respect. Even better, you want to be able to go online, request an appointment and have the Clinic call you!

Hey, that’s you are ready!

Now where do you go? Hmmmmm, I think you just answered your question!