It’s Physical Therapy, not Pain and Torture; we promise!

Whoever coined the title Pain & Torture in lieu of Physical Therapy must have been one not-so-happy-in-a lot-of-pain patient!  We don’t know the patient’s demographics, or injury area, to determine why those words came through their lips-but, guess what, it stuck! Now, when I’m out-and-about, I will occasionally hear, “I’m commin’ in to see you all at Carousel for my next dose of Pain & Torture!”

So now it’s up to me to debunk that whole Pain & Torture myth. Here it goes, ready? We do not cause pain and we certainly don’t torture! Hard to believe? Trust me I know, I have been doin’ this whole thing one calls “pain and torture” for a long time now. But, if the tables are turned, it pains me to feel we are torturing you-TRUST me!  This is why at Carousel your physical therapy is NOT all about exercises! That’s not how we do this physical therapy thing at Carousel, and we never will!

How is that? One word, ready? Collaboration! It’s you and your assigned therapist during treatment (or your therapist’s assistant). Either way, its one-on-one care! We are all about YOU and dealing with your pain, your goals, and addressing your needs-together; our relationship is not a passive one-it’s a lasting one!

So, you see, we want to empower (not torture) you to become (pain) free. It’s crucial to your quality of daily life, your ability to earn a living, your ability to pursue your favorite leisure activities….and SO much more!