Strengthening and Stabilization


What is Back Stabilization?
Back stabilization is a series of exercises designed to retrain movement awareness, strength, and control to achieve proper alignment of your spine and pelvis. Back stabilization helps to restore muscle balance by strengthening the weaker muscles, and to decrease pain by taking the stress off of supporting structures which promotes circulation and maintains flexibility.

How Can Back Stabilization Help?
Back stabilization exercises allow you to have a strong and stable muscular base while you perform your normal daily activities. This decreases the likelihood for reoccurence of back pain and/or injury.


Are Back Stabilization Exercises Safe After Surgery or Injury?
YES! Once a person is beyond the acute phase of healing, the initiation of exercise can begin. Back stabilization does not place the spine or pelvis into excessive bending or extending. It uses a safe and comfortable “neutral positioning” throughout all exercises. It is this safe “neutral positioning” that a patient is taught to maintain throughout their normal activities. Our patients are also instructed in muscle relaxation techniques, proper body mechanics during bending, reaching, and lifting activities, and postural management for a complete and comprehensive back program.

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