Sacroiliac Pain


Sacroiliac Pain or more commonly called SI joint pain is very common. This is the joint that joins the back (sacrum) to your pelvic bone (ilium), which is supposed to be mobile. In most cases this joint is hypermobile (moves too much) and can become out of alignment. In other cases, your muscles that attach to this area become inflexible and can pull on this joint causing pain into your buttocks.

Joint mobilizations and muscle energy techniques are types of manual therapy used to treat dysfunctions. Once the dysfunctions are discovered, gentle mobilization procedures are performed to increase mobility of restricted area, reduce pain, and increase circulation. When used appropriately, procedures have been noted to be clinically effective in achieving the above thus increasing the level of wellness and quality of life of the patient. The physical therapists at Carousel have been specifically trained in these techniques to restore normal pain-free function, sooner (in most cases) than results gained by using conventional modalities. Once proper alignment has been achieved, specific exercises are taught to the patient in order to stabilize the pelvis. Compliance with the exercise program will assist in preventing reoccurrence of symptoms.

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