Your Alignment: It’s Off the Chain….Kinetically

Imagine there is a spool of thread anchored at the top of your skull, and you can pull the thread down; you pull it down through your shoulders, kidneys, pelvis, thighs, shins, and stop at your ankles. See it? That is your body’s kinetic chain. Why is the kinetic chain so important, you ask? Kinetic suggests movement, and when you are in the standing position, your body is confined to the force of gravity and your kinetic chain helps you to stay vertical and balanced so you can keep moving.

Now imagine that thread snapping at one, or two, of those places (note: two parts do not need to be connected with each other to be affected), your body will now compensate for the area of injury, meaning the healthier ones will work harder for the painful ones, and over a long period of time, your movement pattern may become hard-wired and more painful.

For instance, your neck hurts; this could be because of a shoulder injury or your pelvis is rotated, or both. Hey, you could have a leg length discrepancy causing your whole kinetic chain to be affected.

It is also important to point out that the kinetic chain is congruent with the musculoskeletal system (the framework of the body) which relies heavily on the other for precision alignment also helping you move pain-free. So, when there is a disconnect between the two, this can produce additional stress and strain elevating pain, and discomfort.

So, don’t let your pain become unbearable without knowing the root cause. You could have a break in your chain and not even know it!